Visit to the German ambassador

HEM. Matthias Veltin, the new German ambassador, who is well acquainted with the Order of Malta and the German association subordinate to the Order, received Ambassador de Viviès at the Chancellery, on september 19.


Visit to the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

With the new Korean ambassador, HE Saeng KIM, l’ambassadeur de Viviès clarified the relationship between the Republic of Malta and the Order, and discussed about history and organisation of the Order.


Visit to the US Ambassador

On 27 June, HE Jessica Davis BA, the new Ambassador of the United States, received the Ambassador de Viviès. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the history, organisation and activities of the Order, both worldwide, in particular with American associations, and in Côte d'Ivoire.


Working meeting with the National Office for Civil Protection

On Monday 26 June, ambassador de Viviès met with the director of the NOCP, prefect Kassi Gabin AMANKOU ; the meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the field of first aid, which is well known to the Order's associations (French association, CISOM, etc.), and to open up possibilities for a partnership in this area.


Feast of Saint John the Baptist

The feast of St Jean-Baptiste was celebrated this year on June 23 at the Saint Jean Baptiste hospital in Bodo.


Interview at the Ministry of Interior and Security

The Minister of the Interior and Security, General Viadongo DOMANDE, received the Ambassador de Viviès, in the presence of his diplomatic adviser and his chief of staff.


Working meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Diaspora, Mrs. Kandia CAMARA received the Ambassador, accompanied by the 1st Secretary of the Embassy, to discuss the ongoing partnership.


Visit to the Delegation of the European Union

On March 22, Mrs. Francesca DI MAURO received the Ambassador.


Visit to the Senegalese Ambassador

A meeting was held on 21 March at the Senegalese Embassy where Ambassador de Viviès was received by Ambassador El Hadji Daouda NIANG.